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Hi! I'm MaiAda Carpano. I love building websites and teaching future web developers how to code.

I started writing code over 20 years ago when I taught myself HTML and CSS so I could build myself some sick Neopets and Myspace layouts. I freelanced through grad school and in between jobs, building basic static websites for clients ranging from LECASE Ecovillage, to Marketing inSites to Sharp Shirter.

At the time, I didn't know it was possible for me to turn my nerdy hobby into a full time job. I got a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and taught middle school for 6 years.

I eventually decided to transition to a career in tech, and attended the Penn LPS Full Stack coding bootcamp in the fall of 2019. Immediately after, I began working at Creditly Corp. as a frontend software engineer.

Since then, I've gained an extensive skillset as a developer and a UX/UI designer, from wireframing and creating mocks in Sketch, to building out features in Javascript frameworks suck as React, React Native and Next JS.

I still apply the skills I gained as a teacher every day. My previous experience working with students with a wide range of abilities has given me a sharp and unique skillset around UX and accessibility. I also teach free coding classes on Twitch. My goal is to empower other marginalized people to gain the skills and confidence to pursue a career in tech.

I feel super lucky that I get to do what I love all day every day - and I even get paid for it!